We thought out, designed and built

with the sole idea of offering you…

a grey desk packed among many others

an office just as jail cells with no fresh air

a lousy “fast” internet connection

…but a whole unique
environment where you will

give your best, you will be your best self.

The atmosphere you will breathe, the merging of ancient luxury of the building with the modern elegance of the furniture, the cutting edge coolness of our technology, makes the K project a complete and extreme experience of pure focus, synergy and community you will get used so fast you will not even been able to remember how it was working before.

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You Never Even Thought Of Being Able To Have Your Office In Such A Place.

The mansion stands in the beating heart of Kifisia the most elegant district in town.
It is an extraordinary example of Ziller’s architectural eclectic vision: the details of the facades, the mosaic floors, the frescoed ceilings, the marble fireplaces.

Megaro L. Limbryti, at the junction of Kifisias Avenue and
Emm. Benaki Street.


This mansion was built in 1888 on the designs of Ernest Ziller (1837-1923), within an area of ​​10 acres on behalf of Louis Librytis. Architecturally it belongs to the category of tower-like mansions.


“Similar mansions, big and small, were built by the Ziller brothers successfully in their hometown, Radebeul in Germany. They were familiar in Germany as they were based on memories of feudal times and were part of the tradition. The facades of the mansion are dominated by the strict symmetry of the volumes. The fortified ramparts are combined with the sometimes neoclassical and sometimes renaissance frames of the windows”.


–Maro Kardamitsi-Adami